Spunky Skunk Spunky Skunk Spunky Skunk Spunky Skunk

A landmark on the Mendocino Coast, Spunky Skunk has to be about the best and biggest independently owned toy store in California...and its junk free!

In the new location on Franklin in downtown Fort Bragg, you'll find an abundance of learning toys, well chosen books, puzzles, board games, and puppets to play with, try and buy... plus the "two cute for words" miniature collectible Japanese erasers sitting next to the Smencils in all kinds of fruity flavors.

You won't believe the the complete "baby's first year" Toy Department and the Christmas holiday selection in this awesome store!"

Toddlers go wild for Spunky Skunk's unique selection of games and toys from around the world...and you will love their collection of toys for the creative/imaginative mind in every age range from infants to adults.

Spunky Skunk...the best toy store - EVER